How to Side Hustle a Travel Fund

A quick roundup of side hustles to help you earn and save money for your goals (like napping in hammock for six months…)

Yesterday morning I had five dollars. I spent it on packets of Pedigree for a stray dog I found wandering the streets of Vientiane. So to be honest, as I write this I’m eating peanut butter & crackers from my emergency food stash and probably shouldn’t be giving people unsolicited advice about money.

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Tinder at the Beach & Other Inexpensive Things to Do in Bali

Puppies. Australians. Bintangs…What more could you need?

With an abundance of all-inclusive beach resort chains and world-famous hot spots, the island of Bali can have a reputation in backpacker circles for being laden with tourists and hard on the wallet. And it certainly CAN be. But despite the [easily escaped] crowds, Bali remains an island of variety and offers a plethora of budget-friendly activities to keep even the most frugal of travelers endlessly entertained. Trust me, I’m poor. Continue reading “Tinder at the Beach & Other Inexpensive Things to Do in Bali”

An Easy Way to Get Better Discounts on

There are plenty of hostel and hotel booking sites out there, but is my favorite and the one I use the most (if not exclusively). It has an extensive and ever-increasing database of everything from pocket-change cheap backpacker hostels to glittering five star resorts.

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