You know what’s cool about living on the other side of the date line?
I get to celebrate my birthday for 48 hours.Then, RIGHT AFTER my birthday, the socialmediaverse is flooded with photos of puppies for #nationalpuppyday. For 48 hours.

BEST. PRESENT. EVER. Thank you, Universe.

With Southeast Asia behind me (for now) and gastro-ventures in Brisbane drawing to a close (for now), I find my feet turning more and more towards home and my fur child, left in the loving (and fattening) care of my parents in Idaho. So, in celebration of these most important of annual events (my birthday + puppy day) here’s a preview of some upcoming places on my 2016 itinerary, inspired by the traveling dogs of Instagram and their humans. Now, I realize that there are only 9 months left in the year and I have $4.84 in my bank account and a $10 target gift card….BUT…you’ve got nothing if you don’t have dreams, right?

Wish me luck.
(Or send money puppies..)

1. Devil’s Bridge, Arizona

Sedona, AZ, overlooking devils bridge 🐾

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2. Elowah Falls, Oregon

3. Abiqua Falls, Oregon

4. Charleston, South Carolina

✌️🌳 #charleston #rescuedog #adventuredog #charlestondogs #dogsonadventures

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5. Savannah, Georgia

6. Detroit, Michigan

7. Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

exploring + playing at the Great Sand Dunes 🗻🐾 one of my favorite places!

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8. The Grand Canyon, Arizona

9. North Bend, Washington

And the best part?
I get to do it all with THIS GUY!

10.Boise, Idaho