An Easy Way to Get Better Discounts on

There are plenty of hostel and hotel booking sites out there, but is my favorite and the one I use the most (if not exclusively). It has an extensive and ever-increasing database of everything from pocket-change cheap backpacker hostels to glittering five star resorts.

A credit card is kept on file for reservation purposes, but Booking doesn’t make you pay in full or charge you a deposit fee to make a reservation the way most of the other sites do. New members have instant access to searchable “secret” and “value” deals. The variety, frequency, and value of your discounts will increase the more you use the site to book, take advantage of the advertised deals, and complete your reviews and feedback surveys.

At the end of each stay, you will receive a request to complete a brief, optional survey of your experience. Do it! I know it seems like nowadays every single business wants you to complete a survey, but trust me, the benefits far outweigh the three minutes of your time it will take up. After a certain number of reviews, you will be awarded “Genius” status, which unlocks another level of savings as well as entitles you to perks like early check in and late checkout.

I’ve personally seen the quality of my discounts improve the more often I do reviews.

When giving your opinion, remember to be genuine. The staff of the property receives a copy of your review so if you had a wonderful stay, say so. You never know who’s up for a promotion or even just feeling unsure about their job/their performance. So give kudos to a job done well done by mentioning & naming employees who made your experience memorable.  If you had a bad experience, instead of just saying you hated something or complaining, take a couple of sentences to articulate why you disliked your visit and make constructive suggestions so the business can improve itself.

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Author: Natasha Nikole

Natasha, affectionately called Tasha Tuesday by people who don't really like her, left a promising career as an adult video store clerk to travel the world with no money. After her dog Richard, her three biggest weaknesses are every single other dog, expensive coffee, and men with long hair. She's currently work-exchanging in Southeast Asia and has recently developed a habit of proposing to strangers on Instagram.

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